Casey Jones is the President and CEO of Factum Factor. He also serves as the Managing Director for Brio, Elevated Chill, Kokomo Cove Company and Primo Pup. His primary mission is to invest in and create organizations that revolutionize the development and delivery of unique consumer products and services. Casey translates this goal as a directive to design and operate companies that provide a level of service and quality of product to each and every customer that exceeds other available options by leveraging technology in product development, function and delivery. He also believes first and foremost that happy customers are a result of a happy staff – which is principal number one of the company. These goals are what drive the business’ constant quest for greatness both internally and externally.

Casey has extensive executive level experience in the high tech, capital equipment, manufacturing, medical, service and retail industries servicing both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients ranging from Fortune 500 organizations to individual consumers. He is an Expert in the development and management of small to medium size firms with a special interest in the entrepreneurial organization. Casey received his MBA from Auburn University and Bachelor of Science in Management from Arizona State University. He also holds degrees in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Communication and Political Science.

When not leading teams to build great companies, services and products, Casey enjoys spending time with his wife Nora, dog Cabo, family and friends. He can typically be found relaxing by the pool, on the golf course, on the ski slopes in the winter or wakeboarding at the lake in the summer.

Nora Jones

Executive Director

Nora Jones is the Executive Director of Factum Factor. She focuses on offering creative and procedural talents to the firm. Every decision Nora makes at Factum Factor is driven by the simple question of “how will this make our customers lives better?” In case you are curious, “better” to Nora means a high standard of service when customers interact with our portfolio of companies and the consistent delivery of cutting edge, quality products.

In addition to working as an executive level Director at Factum Factor, Nora actively practices law as an attorney at a Law Firm in Phoenix, AZ. Nora received her Juris Doctor from the University of Arizona and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Arizona State University.

When not working to provide a better lifestyle for her clients at Factum Factor or practicing law, Nora enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, working with non-profit organizations and exploring all that her community has to offer.